U.S. Judge Says a Teacher’s Hugs With Students Were S3xual, Citing Their Private Facebook Messages

The teacher had told student in texts that he had ‘magic fingers’


March 30th, 2018

(DES MOINES, Iowa) — The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday upheld the conviction of a high school teacher who claimed his only physical contact with the student was hugging, finding that the hugging amounted to s3xual misconduct in light of instant messages that showed she had “become the object of” his s3xual desires.

Bradley Wickes, a 38-year-old former Camanche High School social studies teacher, was convicted in 2015 of a charge of s3xual exploitation by a school employee and sentenced to five years in prison.

Although the only physical contact Wickes had with the 17-year-old student were hugs at school and school-related events, the court concluded that more than a thousand Facebook Messenger exchanges between them over 45 days indicated that she had “become the object of Wickes’s fantasies and s3xual desires, and the hugs that coincided with these messages were for his sexual gratification.”

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