For Women: 7 simple things you do that guys just love absolutely

Things that make men fall deeper in love with their women

You do these things effortlessly, even unconsciously; and he totally falls in love with it every single time.

When people are new in a relationship, most of their actions will always appeal to each other.

It's usually as if they are drunk in love, it's heavy on the chest… overwhelmingly sweet.

For example, something as simple as a guy calling his new girlfriend with his husky voice after he's just woken up would sound so adorable and really romantic to her – that's what love does to people.

And in that manner, there are several 'normal' things a woman does that just sends her man diving deeper in love with her.

A number of those 'unintentional' things are listed below.

1. Biting your lips. Even when this is done with a non-sexual intention, this is always totally hot. Always.

2. Likewise, the way you close your eyes as you lean in for a kiss.

3. Coy smile / seductive laughter

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4. Calling his name. Married men or those in a relationship can surely relate to this one. There is a certain inexplicably sexy way that women sometimes call the name a man they are in love with.

5. According to LovePanky, the way you breathe out a shaky breath as your lips connect with your man's could be enough to drive him loco, too.

Pay attention to that shaky breath the next time you guys kiss.

6. Flipping your hair and running your hand in it. Yup.

7. When you are looking at him so dearly, and then as soon as he looks at you, you look away shyly.

We all know that is really romantic.


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