Love & Dating: Relationship stereotypes; how true are they?

Loving relationships

Some of these things are very well rooted regardless of their uncertainty.

You must have come across at least one unproven relationship ‘fact’, an unfounded belief that almost everyone seems to believe in.

There is no conclusive evidence of the genuineness of these things, yet people go into relationships with them as guiding lights.

We list some of these things below:

1. Okafor’s Law

This one states that if you have ever had sex with someone, you have a pass to always do it again, especially if you did it right the first time.


You’ll be surprised at the number of persons who actually believe in this.

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2. Smoke, alcohol or women

Many women believe that as a guy, it’s impossible to not have at least one of these vices.

You’d have to do a lot of explanation and convincing to get a woman to believe you that you really have none of these as a vice.

3. You’ll get no one if you set your standard too high

Women are especially told that they will not find a man to marry them if they are too rich, too educated, drive an expensive car, etc.

The common belief is one which essentially limits the kind of good life a woman can have before she marries.

This one is very well rooted. But is it even true at all?

There are other strong relationships and dating beliefs around. They say if a woman sleeps with a guy too early into the relationship, he won't respect her.

There is another belief which implies that men should be ashamed if they've been physically abused by their partner.

We want your opinion on these things. How valid are these beliefs?

Is it always true that every guy either smokes, drinks or womanises? Is it true that if you let a guy sleep with you on the first date, he won't respect you?

Basically, how true are all the relationship beliefs we hear about all the time?


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